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HorseBite Farms: Where the fragrance of freshly cut lavender mingles with the warmth of newly laid eggs. Our Flemish giant rabbits hop about, and we might even invite you to join our bunny yoga sessions for a delightful dose of furry relaxation. Picture yourself sipping tea amidst the lavender blooms or enjoying a soothing cup of coffee alongside the friendly cows. As the seasons change, we celebrate pumpkins in the fall, and our soundtrack? Pure country music.

But there’s more to our farm. The PayCheck family has a long history of agriculture and country music. Nestled among the lavender fields, you’ll find a corner that resonates with the spirit of country singer and songwriter John PayCheck. Here, he strums his guitar, penning lyrics that echo the rustling leaves and the gentle hum of bees. The lavender sways to the rhythm of his melodies, as if it knows it’s part of something greater—a harmonious blend of nature and artistry.

When you visit HorseBite Farms, know that you’re not just buying lavender; you’re taking home a piece of our musical heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned country dweller or a curious city soul, our farm welcomes you. Breathe in the lavender-scented air, tap your toes to John’s tunes, and let the magic of HorseBite Farms envelop you.

And don’t forget to explore The Mercantile in Hamilton, VA—an oasis where our lavender finds a place on their shelves, waiting to be discovered by you and other lavender lovers.

What to do at HorseBite Farm?


HorseBite Lavender is some of the best in Northern Virginia. We grow Phenomenal (Lavandula x intermedia Phenomenal) and Sensational (Lavandula x intermedia 'Sensational) lavender types on the farm, both are known for their ability to grow successfully in the Virginia climate. Phenomenal lavender is extremely tolerant of the high heat and the cold winters here in Virginia. Sensational lavender is a French hybrid that is also very tolerant. 

Our lavender can be used for culinary, floral arrangements, drying, and aroma therapy. 

On-line Farm Market


Like the CSA but without the regularity or guarantee of availability but still another great way to get farm fresh goods. Our online store has our farm goods and an assortment of other items and crafts available. While your at it pick up some music from our HorseBite musical artists! HorseBite Farms has what you are looking for.


HorseBite Farms is primarily a lavender farm with a limited number of veggies, eggs, and fresh cut flowers in our online farm shop. During the bloom of lavender in July and September there is no place else more our family would rather be. The fields are a lush carpet of purples and lavender scent. Come out to the farm and pick some lavender to take home. The numerous uses for lavender make it a perfect flower for decorating, calming ones nerves and a delicious treat added to your recipies.

Open to Public in 2025

Around The Farm

The other side of HorseBite Farm!

Giant Bunny Yoga

Did I mention we have giant bunnies on the property? We do, Flemish Giants to be exact. These adorable big eared balls of fluff make reaching that zen place all the more pleasant while getting your stretch on. Come out for Giant  Bunny Yoga on any Wednesday at the farm. Maybe you will find a big bunny to bounce home with as well!


Bunny Yoga - Late Summer 2024


 Tea n Coffee

Have tea n  coffee in the country side with friends and family. Hang out with the animals and stroll our little farm here in the country side of Northern Virginia. Try something new or stick with what you know,  we have a nice selection of tea, coffee and cookies for your enjoyment. The cows will be glad to see ya!


Tea Pavillion - Early 2025

The Farm Schedule

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