Get your order in today! Contact us at with your order. We don't ship eggs due to thier fragility and shelf life. You are more than welcome to order and pick up at our farm, just mention it in your email. Thanks!

Fresh Cut Lavender Bundles


Our fresh cut lavender is cut, packaged and shipped  the same day.  Our lavender blooms twice a year. First bloom is in July and second bloom is in September.  We take pre-orders May 1st. Our fresh cut lavender orders can sell out fast, so a pre-order can help guarantee you get some of our lavender this year. We limit bundle pre-orders to 10 per customer. 

Dried Lavender Bundles


Each season we hold a percentage of our lavender to dry. Many of our customers enjoy dried lavender for its endless uses, in both health and decorative purpose.  

Our dried lavender bundles are great for around your home or as gifts. Each bundle is carefully wrapped and packed for shipping. Bundles are bagged to make sure every lavender bud makes its way to you. Contact us for more information and shipping costs.

Fresh Farm Eggs

1 Dozen for $5.00

We have a small number of hens that produce some of the best eggs in the county. Fresh chicken eggs from our lovely hens are available daily. 

Send us a message via the button so we can share our laying schedule with you. We will get your order in as soon as we can. Fresh eggs are so much better than store bought.

Online Ordering Coming Soon